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Write Your Own Flood Insurance

Westfield Flood is a write-your-own carrier written through the National Flood Insurance Program.  Business is serviced by Westfield Flood and our flood vendor, National Flood Services (NFS). 

When should you call Westfield Flood?

Westfield Flood is here to help with the following:

  • Personalized Help with complicated flood quotes and policies
  • Flood CE classes and training
  • National Flood Services Customer Service Call Center should be used for routine quotes and policies

  • Contact Information

    For assistance, please contact Westfield Flood
    Phone: 855-WSI-FLOOD

    Fax: 614-796-7877
    Courtney Guss, Flood Services Leader courtneyguss@westfieldservices.com
    Courtney Kinsel, Flood Services Specialist courtneykinsel@westfieldservices.com

    NFS Customer Service Call Center
    Phone: 800-637-3846 

    Contact Courtney Kinsel or Courtney Guss at:
    Phone: 855-WSI-FLOOD


     About Westfield Flood

    • Westfield is a Write Your Own carrier,  and coverage is written through the National Flood Insurance Program

    • All business is serviced by Westfield Flood and our Flood vendor, National Flood Services (NFS)

    • Excess flood markets available through Westfield Specialty Brokerage

    Why Westfield Flood?

    • Competitive Commission and Book Rollover Incentives

    • Immediate flood zone determinations and quotes

    Westfield FloodPro

    Convenient and efficient program allowing agents to make flood quotes, create endorsements on flood policies, and process payments:  https://westfield.floodpro.net/

    Free FloodPro Webinars Available


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What information do I need to obtain a quote?

         Our flood information sheet can be used to gather necessary information to quote a new policy

    What is covered in a basement?

         Click HERE to learn more about basement coverage

    Does my customer need flood insurance if they are not in a high risk zone?

         Yes! Over 30% of the annual FEMA claims are made by people in low to moderate risk areas 

    More about Flood

    Standard Flood Insurance Policy Forms 


    National Flood Services is available for routine help with quotes and policies.

    Contact Information

    Phone: 800-759-8656

    Fax: 406-257-1629


    E-mail: info@westfieldservices.com

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    About Westfield Services

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