Customer Service Center FAQs

Who owns the business?

Your agency continues to own the business, direct our activities, and receive any profit sharing or contingency income.

What length of contract is required?

Our contracts are typically two years in length, with automatic one-year renewals thereafter.

What minimums apply?

We require a minimum of $250,000 of premium to be placed in the service center to keep current pricing. We have found that below that level, the agency really doesn’t experience enough benefit from a service center relationship.

How long does it take to get started?

Our typical implementation is usually “live” within 60 days of contract signing.

Where is my data?

Since we operate an Applied system in Columbus, Ohio, the data resides there. We give the agency access via an internet connection.

Who handles accounting?

The agency remains responsible for the accounting function.

What if our customers don’t like it?

Our experience shows that customers really like our service. Our retention rate is above 90%. Additionally, our contract contains an “out” clause that allows either party to terminate the contract for material failure to perform. Finally, agencies are always allowed to decide which accounts are placed in the service center and which accounts remain assigned to the agency for local service.

Who’s E&O applies?

We carry E&O coverage to handle any potential issues on our end. The agency remains responsible for E&O situations that occurred or were originated prior to our involvement.

Are your people licensed?

Nearly all of our customer-contact people are licensed agents, and we carry non-resident licenses in a variety of states.

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